Dive head first into the deep end of Forteana.
A celebration and exploration of the undefined
edges of our reality. 


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66: Episode 66 – The Ackley Family Haunting

In 1967, George and Helen Ackley, along with their four children, moved into their dream home in Nyack, New York. This stunning eight-bedroom Victorian was built in the first decade of Nyack’s existence with a gorgeous view of the Hudson River. Little did they...

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Fireside Chats: Entrepreneurship in the Paranormal with Jack Kirby

This week’s guest is none other than the intrepid editor-in-chief at Paranormality Magazine, Jack Kirby. Jack has built several wildly successful businesses over the last 20 years and has finally found a way to combine his unique approach to entrepreneurship and his love and...

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65: Episode 65 – The Man from Taured

In 1954, a man landed at Haneda Airport. All seemed to be normal until he produced a passport the likes of which had never been seen. According to his exceptionally legitimate looking documents, he hailed from a nation named Taured. What transpired in an...

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Hosts, Ryan and Jordan, deliver terrifying tales of the paranormal and break them down for your listening pleasure.

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