Dive head first into the deep end of Forteana.
A celebration and exploration of the undefined
edges of our reality. 


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84: Episode 84: The Abduction of Linda Napolitano

Linda Napolitano was a simple New York housewife, at least until November 30, 1989, when in the middle of the night she was abducted by aliens and made to float above the Manhattan sky until she entered a UFO. Believe it or...

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Friday Night Fright 8

This week’s first tale explores the nature of self-definition. What is it to be a human being? What are we capable of? How do we reconcile the ends of the spectrum of human potential? These deep philosophical questions are explored through the...

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83: Episode 83 – Clearview Ranch

In the late 1970s, the Aerial Phenomena Research Organization (APRO) received a report from a family in Eastern Colorado. Reports detailed over a year of near-daily encounters with everything from alien encounters and UFO sightings to Bigfoot attacks and shadow people. Not to...

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Hosts, Ryan and Jordan, deliver terrifying tales of the paranormal and break them down for your listening pleasure.

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