In the winter of 1959, nine experienced hikers died in a remote section of the Ural Mountains. The mysterious nature of these deaths was compounded by the cloak and dagger nature of the Soviet government. Details of the event were kept under lock and key until the collapse of the Soviet Union in August of 1991. In the records we found that the nine victims were found scattered all over the mountainside in various states of undress and having suffered all manor of injury from deep frostbite to sever internal damage and missing tongues. This mystery became so ubiquitous throughout Europe and Asia that, in 2019, the Russian government officially reopened the investigation. While we may never know what happened on that snowy mountainside, one thing we certainly do know is..


Campfire: Tales of the Strange and Unsettling is created for adult audiences only. The content and discussion in this show will necessarily engage with various accounts that include violence, anxiety, fear, and occasional body horror. Much of it will be emotionally and intellectually challenging to engage with. We will flag especially graphic or intense content so as to never put you in an uninformed or unprepared position. We will do our best to make this a space where we can engage bravely, empathetically, and thoughtfully with difficult content every week.

This week’s episode includes the following sensitive content:

Ocular trauma

Oral trauma

Severe bodily injury

Severe weather conditions

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