This week, we had the pleasure of sitting down with our dear friend, Jeremiah Byron. He is a beloved member of the Fortean podcasting community. He is the founder the cryptozoology club on Clubhouse and the host of The Bigfoot Society podcast. The accolades do not stop there. He is a community organizer, a seemingly endless font of curiosity and insight, and to be completely honest, we are just very lucky to call him our friend. So strap in and get ready for a conversation about Bigfoot, the Van meter visitor, podcasting, UFOs, work-home life balance, hollow earth, and be sure to stick around until the end for some truly invaluable advice for anyone considering making their own run at the podcasting game. 


Campfire: Tales of the Strange and Unsettling is created for adult audiences only. The content and discussion in this show will necessarily engage with various accounts that include violence, anxiety, fear, and occasional body horror. Much of it will be emotionally and intellectually challenging to engage with. We will flag especially graphic or intense content so as to never put you in an uninformed or unprepared position. We will do our best to make this a space where we can engage bravely, empathetically, and thoughtfully with difficult content every week. 

This week’s episode includes the following sensitive content:


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